Pharma / Biotech

Low temperature -40°C / -60°C / -70°C / 80°C
Blast Freezer

Our customers often have specific requirements. It is important for us to meet the requirements and provide the best possible solution at a fair and competitive price. We are very strong in the temperature range from -40°C to -80°C in both storage and blast freezers. We can even provide a modular and flexible solution with three freezers in one unit -40°C / -80°C and blast to -70°C.

We are able to design and build the exact solution you require and need. Our production facility is located in Denmark. Products are 90% finished when they leave our factory, ready for installation and commission on site.

Our main focus is reliability, temperature uniformity, redundancy, sustainability and GMP documentation for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. We are familiar with the strict and often complicated requirements from the pharmaceutical industry.

We support the industry with:

• In-house consulting
• Project management
• Cooling specialists
• Automation specialists
• Mechanical engineering
• 3D drawings
• Certifications